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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I KnoW YoU GoNNa DiG THiS!

Today was a changing of the guard, so to speak.  My lovely girlfriend Larkin made the journey to San Diego from Grand Junction to take over duty from Christopher.  He will grab a shuttle at 8 in the morning after witnessing a Systemic Hyperthermia treatment with another patient here at Angeles.  On par with the rest of our experience here, Dr. Chris asked my primary doc, Dr. Garcia, if he could join him for rounds.  "No problem" and he went out of his way to arrange it.  I know Chris has gotten a great education here and will take great perspectives back to his practice in the Grand Valley.  The first two video are a talk-umentary on our overall experience here during the first week of consultation and treatment.

And the second two videos... Well, they're a rhyme-mentary brought to you by the Loco Amigo Posse.  Give it up for Professor SkyWalker with the Freestyle-Abilities, Warrior One on Beat Box, and the one and only LB, as in Lil' Beauty, kickin' it with backup vocals and dance moves.  "I know you gonna dig this!"


Health and Freedom Yoga said...

From a body,mind,spirit context, I can certainly validate your mind and spiritual healing comes through loud and clear on video. Surely the body will entrain on the journey. There is a cancer survivor teacher training this July in Boulder at the yoga Workshop, just in case you might be interested. Much love los tres amigos.

Dr. G said...

Que Bueno!!! Muy divertidos!!! Gracias por su amor y muchismos abrazos para ti de mi!!

Rhonda said...

Zachariah, I came across your posts on Deborah Beck's FB. Love the blog and your entertaining video's with Christopher whom I have met a couple of years ago. Sounds like you have found a great alternative place in Mexico. I have read a little of the therapy that you are doing with heating your body temperature up to kill off the cancer cells. It is great to know that the healing center pays attention to diet because everything is critical in your healing. I enjoy studying the natural and alternative methods and there is a clinic somewhere near you that has been there for years. Not sure what they call it down there, it is The Gerson Therapy. They focus on the diet along with some alternatives. You can read about it at I have read a couple of Charlotte's books and interviewed her last year. She just turned 90. Pretty amazing lady and good info.
Please say hello to Larkin, I recognize her unusual name. You guys do some great rappin, keep it up, I think you could go on the road, or do a couple of CD's.
Wishing you complete healing and recovery. Namaste, Rhonda