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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Downward Spiral

For those that may not be on Facebook and due to the lack of desire or energy to write anything creative I've posted my FB updates from the past two weeks.  I was last off to Angeles Hospital on Valentine's Day for cancer treatment as my Crohn's crisis wore me down enough to allow my marrow to push leukemia cells into my periphery blood.  My trip started with good energy and much optimism, however, the turn of events has been a downward one.  I am currently in Sand Diego at Scripps Hospital in ICU getting stable enough to travel home.  It has been another tough go and I've got some big decisions to make.  What a crazy trip...

Looks like Day 1 is going to be big. Fasting from 10pm on, in the morning I get an IV and then off to the OR for a port placement in my chest. An x-ray will verify its placement and then I get blood drawn for the hematologist so she can start multiplying my NK and Dendritic cells. The port is specifically for systemic hyperthermia and systemic ozone therapy. New experiences for the human guinea pig! I'll fill in the details once the worst of it is over. Happy the traveling is done for now and sleep is a shower and stretch away.
Day 1 at Angeles Hospital, I am being well taken care of. It truly is amazing, mom and I were talking about what misconceptions we have about healthcare outside of the country. It is amazing here. I am well fed with organic food, the nurses and doctors are amazing, my accommodations are comfortable, and it is quiet in my room. I've been loopy today and in a bit of pain from my procedure this morning but my port is in and ready for use. Other than how skinny I've gotten, things are good. Buenas noches!
Angeles Hospital Update: It has been a rough day for the Z-man. After getting the port placed Friday morning I was having a lot of referred pain in my shoulder. I've only had about 20% mobility of my right arm. I started presenting mild fevers yesterday that persisted through the night. Today things got bad, lots of chills and fever hit 102.7. Major infection concerns. The internist here was on it. She ended up pulling my port and putting me on IV antibiotics. After pulling the port my shoulder almost immediately felt better and I can use my arm again. I am happy to report too that my fever has dropped back to normal tonight and I feel much better. They're running cultures to test for infection but I'm wondering if I had an immune reaction to the port. Very strange setback. I have to give credit to the team here, nurses were on top of things and doctors came in on their day off. My oncologist, Dr. Gustamante, was a two hour drive away and three hours from his car (he's a triathlete) when he got a call. He got here around dinner to see me, I totally didn't expect it. Assuming I've stabilized we'll continue with the cell therapy, but I'm thinking the systemic ozone and hyperthermia are out the window. Will know more tomorrow. Had to really deal with some fear and frustrations today and the whole ordeal has taken it out of me. Off to bed...
Angeles Update: After laying down for bed last night my fever and chills miserably spiked again. Fortunately, after about 3 hours they subsided and I managed to get some sleep. It's kind of crazy to be shaking with chills and desire warmth, but covering the body in ice is what brings relief. Feeling dazed today. Awaiting the arrival of my mom and we'll have to make decisions about getting treatment in San Diego. I sooo want to stay here but all the additional costs could get unmanageable. Waiting for estimates and discussion with my folks. The blood cultures need a few more days but so far show no signs of systemic infection. There is obviously one locally as my port sight is red and swollen, but looks better than yesterday. Meanwhile, wondering what's happening with the cancer process and delayed treatment. Trying to stay positive and venting some sadness. Please keep visualizing healthy immune cells and healthy strong Z backpacking in the wilds. Love and blessings!

*Somehow a week drug by with much time in bed covered in ice packs and getting dosed full of drugs.  Fevers and chills and exhaustion with short spells of desiring to get out of bed.  Appetite was miserable for the most part as well.  Mom's presence has been a life saver.  I could feel new symptoms showing up in my body and was very concerned about what was happening with the cancer process... 
Feb 26th:  Well, I hate to say that no news is not good news. My journey to Mexico for treatment has resulted in a downward spiral of events. I last posted about the local infection that we were dealing with at Angeles Hospital. It was getting under control, however, the toll on my body has seemed to again open the floodgates for a leukemia surge in my body. I was presenting more difficulty breathing, light headed-ness and exhaustion and a chest xray showed concerns of possible pneumonia. On Saturday we opted to transfer to Scripps hospital in San Diego for critical care. I've been in the ER and ICU since. My WBC was through the roof and my "healthy" blood counts at critical lows. The good news is, doesn't seem to be infection, just symptoms of aggressive leukemia (not that that's good new). I've been on oral chemo pills to drop the proliferation of cells, which has been successful, and I've had 4 units of blood to get my H&H and RBC up. I'm hooked up to all kinds of wires and tubes, though am no longer needing oxygen by day. The plan is to get me stable enough to get back home and I'm consulting with my doctors in Mexico as they have my cell therapy ready and waiting if it's appropriate. Needless to say, this is the most serious situation I've faced since this whole ordeal started last year. I've got big decisions to make but am finally feeling more at peace than I have since the start of this "trip." Part of me hesitates to make this post as I do not want fear or worry directed my way. Please know that does not serve me. I know you are all so wonderful at shining love and light my direction, that is uplifting. Know that I feel fine with whatever direction things go and I am looking sooooo forward to getting home. With love, Z

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Beth said...

Thinking of you. Sending love your way and cards in he mail to your home. Hope you will return home soon to find them.