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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fundraising: Aspen Insight

Thanks to everyone who attended my Poetry Jam on Sept 6th (details below), it was a very inspiring event for me.  I have a limited number of framed poems still available from the event available at Orr's Trading Company downtown and they will be offered at my upcoming Poetry Jam & Silent Auction.  In addition, I will have signed unframed poems available for donation.  Though the aspen leaf season has passed I wanted to post this poem which is one of my favorites.  Inspired during my first autumn in Colorado!

Aspen Insight

Following flight, a leaf’s delight, the wind is their cue,
together they dive, they are alive, remorseful are but few.
Like a winter storm, though reflecting warm,
all sharing a golden personality,
but differing hues, in the paths they choose,
each expressing an individuality.

One may drop, as if to stop, under an invisible chute,
another may glide, never changing stride,
with a landing completely mute.
Too many will band, in a rush to land,
forgetting to gaze as they dash,
but a favorite few, following a spiral corkscrew,
 “kerplunk” with a shiraz splash.
There are those that stumble, in a dizzy tumble,
wishing they knew how to flap,
and there are even two, who must have knew,
their target was my lap.
With a glance between, they must have seen,
my curiosity in their end,
and as if they sought, to share their thoughts,
they beckoned my ear to them:

“It is not the end, my friend, if you speak of dying,
for that is something we do not know.
We live to grow, and we love to show,
our brilliance in the flying.
There is a way we live, and a way we give,
that brings balance to our soul,
we nourish the tree, that lifts us to see,
just how far we’ll get to go.
And when the time is right, we take our flight,
dancing our way to the ground,
we have many reasons, to give-in to seasons,
for next spring is where we’re bound.
We’ll be born anew, reach a higher view,
a new flight will be given,
we grow and we share, we give and we dare,
to call heaven the place that we’re livin’.”

And suddenly they hopped, with life they dropped,
to find their place of rest.
I sat back to think, and let it sink,
all that they’d expressed. 
In my humble mind, all I could find,
that I was heaven’s guest,
and how we love when we live, and the ways that we give,
are the ways in which we’re blessed.

WHAT! :  An evening of poetry with Zachariah
WHEN! :  Thursday, September 6th, 8:00pm
WHERE! :  Yoga West Collective, 1025 Main Street, Grand Junction
WHY! :  I'm raising money to go back to Mexico for cancer treatment
DETAILS:  I'm a bit of a closet poet and a shy performer when it comes to reading my own work.  I've decided to share a number of poems I've written over the years and will include readings/performances from other favorite authors, poets, musicians.  This will not be stuffy intellectual bantering but more of a flowing, energetic and entertaining exhibit.  In addition I will have 40 framed copies of one of my favorite poems, Aspen Insight, that is appropriate to this time of year.  Here's a sneak peak: 

I have a variety of frames and am asking for a minimum donation of $50 for the basic frames and $75 for the fancy ones.  After the poetry reading they will be available at Orr's Trading Company and Main Street Mineral and Beads downtown.  If you are outside of Grand Junction and would like a framed copy of this poem please contact me.  I will update this blog page with further details after Thursday night's gathering.  Thanks for your support!


NormanFor8 said...

I admire your Fundraising event for the Cancer Patients, i hope you can also give them information and hope about alternative treatments for breast cancer and not just overcome their physical pain but as well as emotional.

Mark Schmalz said...

Zachariah, I thank you for one of the most inspirational nights I have ever had. You are a gifted poet and wonderful friend. Thank you for lifting our spirits while dealing with your own.

Zachariah said...

The night was inspiring for me as well. It feels good to just "put it out there" and have so much love reflected back. I continue to be inspired and encouraged to share. Thanks Mark, and thanks for the gift that you are!