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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Viva la Mexico!

It is no typical Saturday night in Tijuana.  The loud partiers and sirens might be typical, but the fireworks and shut down streets full of vendors and live music aren't.  It just so happens that our one weekend here is Mexican Independence Day.  This is a more significant celebration that Cinco de Mayo, as the link explains.  Cars are honking outside our fourth floor hotel window at this moment and the fireworks have been over for well over an hour.  Mom and I decided to celebrate by battling with Kings and Queens of our own in a few fervent games of Gin Rummy.

This trip to Hospital Angeles has certainly been different than the last.  Instead of frequent trips to the ozone sauna we are taking frequent trips from our hotel to the hospital for meals.  We've opted for two organic meals a day at the hospital cafeteria and we walk the lengthy four city blocks back to the hotel afterwards.  We've made numerous trips to the grocery across the street and spent this morning roaming the Mercado Hidalgo.  It's highlighted in this interesting NPR story!  I will say I've grown a bit tired of our routine and if there's a next time with similar treatment plan I'll do it differently by staying in San Diego (where it's easier to hang out on the beach) and make the occasional trip across the border for treatment.

When we arrived on Tuesday my blood was quickly drawn and we were told the first treatment would be Friday.  That treatment consisted of a five minute IV of NK cells and a shot of interleukin.  The interleukin stimulates a fever response in the body, thus stimulating malignant cells in a way that "red flags" them for attack from the Natural Killer cells.  I will have my second and final treatment on Tuesday in the same fashion.  This protocol was part of my original treatment here, but I'll be taking something different home.  Apparently my blood chemistry had markers making me a candidate for an Autologous cell factor treatment.  I will get further explanation of this on Tuesday, but the gist is a series of subcutaneous shots for the two months following this download of NKs that will stimulate the growth and production of these cells in my immune system.

This is really far out stuff and the skeptic in me raises an eyebrow at a price tag of $8000 for two five minute IVs and $3000 for some shots to take at home.  As mom and I discussed, we've come to expect some sort of drama with spendy hospital stays.  It's like that way we feel like we're getting our money's worth.  I remind myself that there is so much going on behind the scenes in the lab with equipment that far exceeds my understanding, even with an owner's manual.  And the big truth is the proof in the pudding.  The fact that my last biopsy showed only a 19% cancer blast count when my oncologist in Junction expected it to be in the 80% range says a lot.  If I only had 20% properly functioning cells in my bone marrow the exclamation I'd get from people when they see me would not be, "Wow, you look good!"  I like hearing that I love living it.

The biggest piece of missing info that I'm itching to know is my whit blood cell count.  As I've explained in past blogs, counting my WBC has become a weekly past time of mine.  My last CBC before departing Colorado showed a whopping 2.5 (parameters for healthy WBC is 4.0-10.0).  This was the second highest it's been since February and the 0.8 jump was double any increase or decrease I'd experienced.  A snafu temporarily sunk my spirits Friday when the results I requested from my blood draw showed a WBC of 1.1.  The half hour of distress quickly dissipated once I realize I was looking at records from my original arrival.  Keep in mind it's all in Spanish and takes a while to decipher!

So, as Mexico celebrates its independence, this date that signifies the start of the revolution against the Spanish, I too am caught up in a bit of internal revolution.  This blood and marrow of mine that was once peacefully settled by happy and healthy red and white blood cells faced a critical invasion by malignant cells.  Now, inspired by the words of NK Hidalgo, they've taken up arms to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.  I can hear them now... "Viva Zachariah!"

Here's the scene outside our hotel window this eve:


Ryan Croisant said...

"Viva la Zachariah" stay strong bud how long tell you get back in Colorado?

Nancy Nurse said...

I recognize the intent of the treatment, I think. The shots are like neupogen (which Virginia might have given you, but I don't know that for sure): they stimulate the bone marrow to super-produce for a while. In conventional Western medicine, an autologous transplant would then involve having your blood taken, the stem cells are separated and then given back to you to re-seed the marrow with the healthy cells. The process I know also involves the crucial step in between taking the stem cells and re-infusing them: a heavy chemo dose designed to kill off your marrow (thereby destroying the nasty cells that still lurk). Not sure that's what Dr. Perez is doing, but it sounds theoretically similar. If I may impose, I have a request, Zachariah: Do you remember using the colors of the rainbow for a final meditation in our Thursday morning yoga class once? You instructed us to "breathe in" each color (red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet) and you gave each hue a characteristic. Red might have been strength or courage, yellow was possibly bright energy, violet might have been calm or peace.... Anyway, I used it for a while and loved it. Now I can't quite remember it, and would very much appreciate if you can remind me of how you might have characterized each of the colors. In the meantime, may the strength, calm, courage, energy, hope and love of all colors bathe you and your mother in all moments. -- Nurse Nancy (

Dr. G said...

Wishing you peace and a strong fight! Viva Z-Man! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Things sound great. Do you know when you two will be back in Grand Junction? Love, DAD

NormanFor8 said...

Thank you very much for this post, i am doing the same thing as well, ive been researching a lot of alternative cancer treatment to all types of cancer, im checking both sides of the coin here, pro or con, good and bad effects and overall it is still under great debate. Keep it up!

Cindy said...

Keep being the amazing, strong person you are, Z!!
Love and light to you.
Viva Zachariah!

Beth said...

Sorry I have not been in touch, Zachariah. No excuse, but school has taken over my life. I know your life is rather consumed with other more important items at hand. I now see that you are back in Mexico. Good news filled these recent blog post, which I am happy to read. Please know you are in my thoughts every single day and I hope to actually catch up aggain with you soon. Much Love to you, Z.

Ron L said...

Zechariah, maybe try using pancreatic enzyme supplements- they can actually kill cancer cells (I think). Google Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (lots of info on his website) or Dr. William Kelley-his one answer to cancer book is free on-line. Lots of people with all types of cancer healed by taking pancreatic enzymes, tryosin, chymotrypsin. Buy Wobenzyme for a start and just start taking them. you can ask Dr. Perez about them- he knows about it and I know he prescribed it to another of his patients with breast cancer.

Sandi Rog said...

Zach, I had to tell you the good news! Remember, we met at Colorado University Hospital and I gave you a piece of paper about B17. Well, I've been taking B17 (500mg twice a day) for seven weeks, and I'm excited to announce, I'm CANCER FREE! No chemo or radiation, just B17. My doc was shocked and wondered what in the world I was doing. I shared the story on my blog. Here's the link:

Please keeping taking your B17! It really works! I learned all about it in this book WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G. Edward Griffin. You can only get this book on Amazon.

Your friend and fellow warrior against cancer,

Sandi Rog