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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Both my birthday and birthday celebration were a huge shift and lift for me.  After two and a half weeks of miserable symptoms related to my treatment my mood had gotten very negative.  As I described below, on my birthday hike I made a nice shift for myself.  The next day at my Pizza & Pumpkins Party all of the shared love and celebration was a huge lift for me.  Here's a video that the awesome Nicole took of me sharing the journal entry that I had written below.  Enjoy! 

Today I celebrate my birthday, though the actual occasion was yesterday.  In addition to the new Pyrex baking pans I bought myself, I gave myself a more valuable gift.  I took a hike with my dog through the local desert canyon landscapes to rest alongside the easily flowing Colorado River.  In a return to nature I often find a return to self.  It was much needed (from my journal with toes dangling above the water):

Oct 20th, 2012, My 37th BD: Cottonwoods and River off Rustler’s…
            There are so many ways I could start this BD edition journal entry.  I’ve quickly reminded myself to avoid negativity, referring to the realization on this hike that I need to burn the word “negative” in tomorrow’s fire.  So I’ll say: It is and epic October day on the Colorado River.  My most excellent dog is chillin’ in the tall luscious grass and I am starfishin’ in the presence of Godly red rock walls and glorious golden cottonwoods.  It’s also remarkable that I hiked here and got to hear the sound of my sandals on sand, and now my beautiful bare feet, when they told me 7 months ago that I could be dead in 4.  And what a blessing chemo didn’t work cause look, I don’t look like a cancer patient.  In fact, I am alive and strong!  I have so much gratitude for those who love and that I have so many friends where there is no line between them and family (tribe).  And, I know how to feel, and I know how to heal, and I feel good when I rhyme, so I think I’ll make that healthy this time.  And, I have the ability to build energy and let it flow, so join me my friends and let it go.  Happy Birthday to me!  I am loved, I love, I AM LOVE.


Dr. G said...

So happy you got to have an excellent day for YOUR Birthday! Keep the positive vibe going! It is contagious! Love you!

Danielle Rachlin said...

And MANY more!!!!

amy g. said...

Z - I haven't posted anything on this site as I wasn't certain you'd remember me; our paths crossed multiple times, many years ago, through various avenues in Missoula. I check this post from time to time and am always glad to see you still posting. I suppose I just wanted you to know that you've touched lives everywhere you've been, whether you realize it or not, and I can say with great certainty that we're all grateful to have had you in our lives at some point, for whatever reason. Keep fighting the good fight...I'll continue checking in and wishing nothing but great things for you.

Best to you from Missoula, Montana ~ amy g.