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Monday, October 27, 2008

Time (to) Change

Oct. 26th, 2008:

            Sprawled under an aged olive tree, Mediterranean sun bathing me, daisies dancing, feathered ones unrest, light seceding to season’s bequest… 

            As with every year at this time the time change has me a bit saddened with the earlier end to the day.  Motivation, that has been hard to come by so far, to pattern my own day with that of the sun’s.  It will happen soon as my dependency thus far has dictated my schedule.  Assistance I am truly grateful for, yet ready to hatch from.  It, an undefined possibility born from a heightened merging and etched into its present form through quick weathered erosion…  From an outside perspective the life of a traveler is a grand vicarious experience.  The true perspective of the traveler is often incompletely told, struggles easily painted over with triumphs.  Stepping away from securities into a foreign (and foreigner’s) world is an inevitable roller-coaster encounter.  One gut wrenching plunge too many is cause to question when it’s time to change rides (and why the hell you ever got on the ride to begin with).  As always, hindsight is 20/20, and my mind’s eye sees that greener grass.  What is it with that enchanted fence?  And what is it with this vague and pensive reflection?  Perhaps an encrypted note sent under the guise of aimless rambling from my self-imposed minimum security Bastille.  Perhaps just aimless rambling from a questioning and unrested mind.      


Sproull said...

It's always enlightening to read your e-mails, letters and now your blog. I'm glad that you were surrounded by friends on your birthday and I want to wish you a very happy and belated birthday old chum.

Much Love,

minakshi said...

You are an incredible bright light. Shine on. This "tapas" this walk through the fire is giving you more light, more heat, more prana, more mojo, more chi, more soul. Keep paying attention as you do so well and LET IT BE. Much love.