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Friday, November 14, 2008

Journal Entry

  I am now 4 days into trying to recover my strength (and sanity?) after acquiring a widespread illness here in Southern Portugal. I'll keep my blog somewhat updated for those keeping track of me through it with an entry from my journal. My shared writing (ie:blog) tends to be optimistic and adventurous, my journal is what's real:
  Another day awakens on the planet. I rise from my quaint inhabitance tucked in the dank bellybutton of this land and take an early walk up the navel and to the bosom for sweeping views of the ocean. Beyond the expanse to my left you'll find Africa and to my right you may eventually reach America. Common sense nowadays, but not so many centuries ago, in the visible town of Sagres, Henry the Navigator and his pupils philosophised the possibilities. Though, it seems, even in this modern age travel can send you off the edge of the world into the gut of a hungry dragon. I sit in its darkness surmising my own will to return to the grace of the sun, to find a flow along the unexplored path.
  I examine the plight of the adventurous spirit, filled with wonder-lust and the most ideal sense of existence, swimming through life with a compromised body surrounded by conflicted souls. Are decisions based on a Utopian notion or escapism? Lessons learned seem lost in joys remembered and the knowledge of the mind begs incessantly for a transfer to wisdom, despite the severity of experience. Contradiction in desires, the shadow side plays while light sets for days. The despised monotony of home life seems now an unreachable goal. I gaze off to my right, 5000 miles away.

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jill said...

"Essence is emptiness, everything else is accidental. Emptiness brings peace to loving, everything else, disease. In this world of trickery, emptiness is what your soul wants" -Rumi