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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Portugal Post

   Life has slowed down a bit on my trip. I thought I'd post a quick note in case any of you are following and wondering where and how I am. At some point I hope to elaborate further 0n my Portugal adventures, as for now I'm in between Lagos and Sagres (coastal southwest) doing a work exchange for about a week. Seems a bug is going around the area and I followed suit with my host Susie in experiencing it. The worst of it has passed, but it's been a light-headed and napping sort of day. There's a beautiful clothing-optional beach just a 10 minute walk one way and great views of the coastline from above 10 minutes the other way. I'm staying in a little cabin with a woodstove that I spent the first two days tidying up. Plenty of chores to do around this solar powered homestead. Prior to arriving here I spent about 4 days with my aunt and uncle who also happened to be visitin Portugal as well. With them I stayed at the Alto Golf and Country Club and dined out and casually strolled the beach and streets of Alvor, we had a great time. Definitely experiencing two completely different ways of life here on the Portugal coast.
I last left off on my way to Lisbon. I could've stayed in that area another day or two. The highlight there was spending time with Grant, a traveling MD from Canada that I met on the night train to Lisbon. We were in the same bunk and hit it off from moment one. I tagged along with him and his friends that he met up with when we got there. There's more to tell there, but the sun is setting on the day here. Time to sit fireside...

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jill said...

I have a clear image of you starting a fire in a wood stove. Thanks for that.....