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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 1 - Phase 2

A day of solitude and tears, I am healthy and strong, doctors and nurses feel my pulse and explore my body looking for something wrong. Two doses of chemo saturate my body, I eat, drink, stretch, distract myself, consider brushing my teeth... I am doing time. Parole on Saturday? I am healthy and strong, my color is good. Why am I not riding my bike? Why am I not teaching a class or cooking my own meal? How is it I have come here? How is it my blood and marrow harbor a life-threatening crisis while I balance on my arms and salute the sun? I am surrounded by love, kind faces with deep eyes, I feel the energy of a tribe. And I am alone, ever learning, looking into my own eyes for motivation. The sun rises and sets, and emotions follow it's trail across the sky. From the commotion of all that surrounds me, I come back to my breath and it is calm. At least for a while, until I again find the need to return. How much time has passed in the practice? How much time?

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Beth said...

Sharing in your tears, sharing in your strength, sharing in your beauty. Keep on being the corageous, wonderful, inspiring soul that you are and may you feel the love embrace you.