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Friday, May 11, 2012

Past Performances

The past week, again, has zipped by in the blur of this whole experience.  Tomorrow (Sat) afternoon will mark one week out of the hospital post round 2 of chemo.  My first three days home were the best consecutive days of good health I've had in ages.  As with round 1 it seems that the chemo effects kick in more in the week after.  I have definitely been slower and dealing with gut issues the past few days.  I've felt an all body toxicity since the chemo started, headaches at times and the feeling of fuzz growing on my tongue.  However, considering all of the horrors you hear about chemo I've felt fortunate to have the energy I do.  There are many more details deserving of a blog update, and I hope to write it up soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to get a video on the blog that I recently downloaded from Danielle that she took minutes before I started my first round of chemo.  I've also added an impromptu video performance that was done the evening after returning home after my initial 2+ week hospital stay.  These are intended for entertainment purposes!

April 4th: Z's Freestyle
  A big day of anxiety before starting my induction round of chemo.  By evening I'd gotten myself clear and centered with the decision.  Here's the unplanned video take minutes before starting:

Friday the 13th: Dinner Theater Improv
  This is rather silly and long but there are some more spontaneous rhymes!  Also, there's a clear sense of celebration in being home around the dinner table with friends and family after the long ordeal of the first hospital stay.  The sound quality is a bit low, you may have to turn it up.

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