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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dracula Time

Monday is starting with a fresh bag-o-blood for me here from my home in the oncology ward. I've never had a transfusion before, so it's kind of tripping me out. Looking up at someone else's blood hanging from my R-2 unit, dripping down through the pump into my heart. My platelets counts are low, and expected outcome from the chemo, so this looks to be pretty standard procedure. They've been talking about the possibility for the past few days here. So, add it to the list of science experiments that I've undergone over the years. New blood! Perhaps I'll again be bouncing off the walls with new energy before too long.


Beth said...

You are amazing. So much love for you

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith, and rock on with the positivity! Accepting all the love and support honors us all and teaches us to being able to open our hearts more fully to life. Love you brother Z. Todd Rohlsson

Jeff Osborn said...

Oh man, now you're bragging about getting new blood.

What's next? "Hey, I'm Zach and I get to sit in bed and order whatever I want from a gluten free menu and get waited on by nurses. La-tee-da!"

This thing has gone to your head and I'm not sure I like your attitude, sir!

Toni said...

Stay positive and know you have all our love, healing thoughts and best wishes. So behave yourself, your Tuesday and Thursday "Mom's" (Ginger, Maria and Toni) will be up to check on you tomorrow and make sure you are behaving yourself. Cheers!!!