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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Moon Dreams

Alright, my computer is so bogged down I'm piecing together today's video entry. The vids say enough, but I did want to say it felt good to dream last night. It was the first night I remember any dreams since I've been in the hospital. Interesting too that Larkin shared the same thing, first time she's had dreams since I've been in here. Perhaps it was the shift of the moon from waxing to waning after it's full beautiful expression last night.
I am contained to the 4th floor because of my chemo drip. There is no outside access what so ever so I'm contained behind windows and walls. However, when they change my chemo bag every 24 hours I get a half hour of freedom. I immediately bounce to the nearest exit to breath in fresh air and feel the elements course through my body. I stand with bare feet to the Earth and ground, ground on down. Last night I returned to my room and asked for another 30 minutes of freedom while my pre-meds (for the Idarubicin push) flushed into my body. Knowing the full moon must be near I headed to the 8th floor and it's big windows overlooking the city. Just as I settled into the eastern view a tiny crest of moon appeared over the Grand Mesa. I sat and watched, thrilled to see the Full Grandmother Moon, with her divine timing, shine her smiling face down on me.
And then to dreaming... I know I had so many people visit last night. I remember some crazy shenanigans with all my Missoula boys, we were adults but in the middle of some absurd high school adventure. Like the old days, getting in trouble without actually getting in too much trouble... And brother Michael, thanks for the drive up the Bitterroot Valley in the back of your convertible. I know you don't actually have a convertible, but in my dream you did. The sun was shining, the music was high, and we were cruisin' in style under the beautiful Big Sky.


Max said...

I don't know why my last comment didn't stick. I wanted to say thank you for being so brave as to share this journey with us. Your courage is a gift to others!

john said...

Thanks for the latest installment, Z. It i so amazing to see you looking so well and you are filling all of us with the wonder and awe of your spirit, your wisdom, and your humor.

You totally blew us away on Friday when you called in pledges to KAFM from the hospital...when the message came in from the phone folks, everybody in the booth broke into the biggest grins, and of course seconds later we were all reaching for our hankies. Hope you had a chance to hear all the love comin your way on the radio.

You are in all of our hearts, Zach. Thanks for these amazing video blogs. It's keeping us all connected.

Much love from your tribe! Peace.

Beth said...

So much love your way. You amaze me...always have....will never cease to. Such a beautiful soul. Feel the vibrations....the earth is shaking with love for you

Jeff Osborn said...

Can I Bus'?!?