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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, late morning...

It is Friday, late morning, and I am settling back into home living. No beeping machines, no shuffling feet, no pokes, prods, pumps, chemicals and plastics. Welcome blooming lilacs, leaving trees and energetic singing winged ones. New sheets and pillows and deep dreams and peaceful rest. By morning the bubblings of chemotherapy rose in my chest and my intestines moaned, tweaked and ached, Tums and applesauce to the rescue. A lounging morning with my good mother and I have made it to here. I'm about to take the trim to the beard that has marked my time behind walls and reawaken under warm running water. And that is my plan. Once it's complete, whether it take 3o minutes or 3 hours, then we will see what is next. That's how it will be for awhile...
Here's yesterday's Facebook post which I thought was appropriate to follow-up my enthusiastic video the night before release. How symptoms can change in a matter of hours. Part of this whole process and the ridiculous roller-coaster ride that it is.
Posted 4/12, 12:30p
Here's an artistic interpretation of how I feel today. After an enthusiastic evening in anticipation of my release from the hospital I had a rough night feeling the effects of chemo in my digestive system. The complication of Chron's disease in this scenario weighs a bit in my mind, however I'm in agreement with my doc that I'm likely experiencing mucosa sluff-off and other chemo symptoms. Feeling a set-back, and I know set-backs are part of any healing experience. Still happy to say I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight after one more pint of blood before I am released.

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Annie Knight said...

So, SO much love and respect to you! The grace and positivity with which you are handling this blows my mind daily. I am humbled, (and, truth be told, a bit embarrassed to remember my days as a difficult, uncooperative patient.) Thank you for posting your progress updates, it's so good to see your smiling face!
Sending you HEALTHY, HAPPY, HEALING thoughts! (and those are the the H's!) And LOTS OF LOVE!!!