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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watchin' the Day Wake

A short video clip the morning after starting chemotherapy. How long's it been since you just sat watching the day wake? Too long for me. Crazy how sometimes it takes the worst things to remind you of what you really need in your day to day. This morning's been beautiful, watching the darkness lift and the sun paint the eastern sky. I listened to remakes of Bob Dylan tunes hearing the music differently than I have in a while. It was a somehow perfect blend of letting my feet tap and my tears flow... The traffic bustles below my view at the intersection of 7th and Patterson. In fact, I'd normally be one of those commuters on a Thursday morning on my way to yoga classes at Crossroads. Today I will watch, I will wait. Day one of seven of continuous chemo is underway. May the sunlight and fresh air penetrate these walls.



Thanks for the update, Z. You are one beautiful dude. Loved hearing about your morning. So sorry you're having to go through this, my friend, but you're doing it with wisdom and grace and humor...and i hope a measure of peace. Soldier on, atomic warrior! much love! You are in a lot of hearts this morning!

Kellie said...

A note of gratitude to you: What a gift that those who know Z will never miss the importance of the most precious and precaurious things in this world through your never-ending and alway-perceptive view of life ... like the rising and setting of the sun, or the subtle beat behind the music. Thank you for reminding us of how delicate we are and how much there really is to see. Thank you for being real and sharing this important life journey with all of us. You have so much to give, and the world is positioned to receive. (Just don't pee on the floor :D) I am so honored to know you, my Friend!

Montana... said...

You are truly the most courageous man I've ever known. Thanks for keeping us all posted in the midst of the heaviness. We all have been and continue to be inspired by your thoughts, actions, and connection to your higher truths. Every day here on this journey of yours those of us here in the Bitterroot are projecting our healing thoughts and strength towards your remission. Very much looking forward to Saturday inside that expansive lodge and the prayers that are building inside of us for you. I love you my spirit brother... MZ Methodology Forever! :o)

Cindy said...

You are such a gift to this world, Zachariah. Thank you for sharing your journey in this way and being such an inspiration to truly live life. It may be a rough road ahead, but you are a strong and vibrant being who is surrounded by so much love and will come through this even more amazing than you are now. Sending love and light. Cindy Schmidt

Keith Chisholm said...

Zack, you might not remember me but I am friends with your cousin Matt Gallagher. You went with us on my first big hike ever up Mt. Washington and we stayed overnight in the lean-to's. I am sad to hear of the news man. I will be sending you my good vibes from NH. I wish you all the best and hope you stay strong.

Keith Chisholm

Marla said...

Zachariah, through this virtual conversation I am sending healing love of a thousands hearts and the courage of a pride of lions. I've written a healing prayer for your body and spirit on the prayer flags hanging on my house.
with love,

Mary Gallagher said...

We love you Zack, keep up the great attitude, My good friend is going through chemo right now too, I will be sitting with her next week for her 3rd round. I am keeping you close to me every day, as I send my positive energy to you. I will try to get over to see Grandpa soon for you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

You are in my heart Z! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and humor. It is good to see you smile!
Lisa Garrison

Dr. G said...

Hey Z Man! Hang in there! Much love and light coming your way! Thanks for the updates and careful with the p-waste. No need to get the HAZ-MAT team in there! Love ya! Georgia

Dave Berry said...

Hey Zachariah, thank you for sharing your difficult journey. For those of us who haven't dealt with major health problems, you are a reminder to live life to the fullest, and not take good fortune for granted. Keep strength! Your attitude in the face of adversity is most inspiring.

Unknown said...

Man, you are going to have super powers by the time Chemo is over! Mad love and respect to you from me!

Jen Curtiss said...

I love your positive spirit Zach! Thank you for keeping us posted. Every time I see the light shine down through these NW clouds I think of you. Keep Shining! Jen C.

Gay Walker said...

Hi Z, today the copy I ordered of "Dancing at the Edge of Life," arrived in the mail. This book is the one Larkin shared from the NYT, I believe. I look forward to getting into it and getting more insight. Thanks for telling us about the book.

I enjoy all of your videos! You are one amazing person, but I already knew that! Stay strong. We are all working hard for you outside those 4th floor walls and windows! I wave every time I pass the hospital.

Sure miss our sessions -- I am taking my sheets of notes with me on my trip, and I will continue following the blog. Good job on that, by the way!


Anonymous said...

Zachariah...beautiful man, beautiful spirit. I've missed your warm smile at Crossroads. What a brave soul and inspiration you are to all of us. I am holding you in my heart closely.

Sending you love and light and Reiki every evening at 5PM.

Much love,
Catherine Fenske