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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things Happen Fast

From Facebook Post: 2:30am Saturday
It's amazing how fast things happen in this crazy experience of Acute Leukemia. So fast, so much to write and reflect on, and no time to do it because the next thing is happening and new decisions are needing to be made. Since I know many are interested and in the dark I wanted to get a quick update out here at quarter to two in the morn...

I had been a home recovering from my Induction round of chemotherapy, last Wednesday was 2 weeks post chemo. On Tues I went to the oncology clinic for blood and follow-ups. I posted a 101 degree temp, which to my knowing and dismay, set the red lights flashing. Due to my immune-compromised state a fever can indicate infection, which would be life threatening in my case. I was immediately run through a gamut of tests and checked back into the hospital that night for I.V. antibiotics and other preventative measures.

Meanwhile, I received the results from my bone marrow biopsy from the previous Friday. We were hoping for cancer blasts to show less than 5%, zero of course ideal. The blasts were at 11%, way down from my original crisis result at 44%, but uncertain as to what direction they were going. Wednesday morning, I was drugged up for another drillin' into my hip's bone marrow and those results came back Thursday evening showing a 19% blast rate. Translation: back in a crisis situation... This is not an atypical result following an Induction such as mine, but certainly not what we were hoping for.

So, today has been another somewhat mad day of making things happen in order to make decisions. We had a consult with the Functional Oncology specialist at Angeles Medical Center in Mexico to see how soon we can get there for treatment. We are currently waiting for a response once he is able to consult with his team. Meanwhile, the doctors here are waiting on my word to pull the trigger on another round of chemotherapy.

I hope to write a blog about my desires and decision around wanting to seek treatment outside of the US. Bottom line is they offer various cancer treatment that have been scientifically proven to work and have been used successfully outside of the US for 50 years. Much of the research and practices have come out of Germany. With quality of life post cancer my primary goal, and with my pre-existing health compromises, multiple rounds of chemo as my only treatment option is not promising. Not to mention, as my oncologist mentioned yesterday, if my Leukemia is chemo-resistant I am basically SOL, end of story.

So, there it is. Certainly not great news, but I remain optimistic and motivated to be self-advocating and proactive. I've attached the link to the Functional Oncology page that describes many of the approaches used at Angeles Medical Center for those interested. As an example, the 1st thing Dr. Perez addresses in our discussions is the importance of nutrition and the body's ability to heal itself throughout the entire process. Here, microwaved canned soup and SYSCO bacon and eggs are fine, but I can't have hot peppermint or green tea.

There is much more to this story, and my care here has been phenomenal. Just a limited and narrow philosophy and approach... Visualizing a quick, safe, and successful voyage to San Diego where I will be picked up and driven straight to the hospital for an integrative healing experience. Or, option 2, a successful 2nd round of chemo here before making that quick, safe, and successful voyage to Angeles Hospital.

Love and Light, Z


john anglim said...

So sorry for your troubles, Zachariah. Keeping good thoughts, love and energy for you in my heart. You are one amazing dude, and I'm sure you'll find a way through this. Much love for you, man. Thanks for taking time to keep all your friends informed on this crazy journey. We're all blown away by your strength and clarity and humor. Wishing you peace and health this morning. Visualizing us laughing about these days many years from now!

Lori Adams said...

Zachariah, so good to hear from you - as always, you're connecting with loving intention for your friends. And blogging - takes me back to blogging days with you and Jess. :) I'm excited for your Mexico plans, however they manifest. It sounds like a very healing atmosphere and center of new thought. Your light is bright as always! Sending you love and Reiki. :)

Sarah Martin said...

Zachariah, it is a privilege to follow your story. I have my complex dental work done in Mexico and it is amazing amazing. Advanced, gentle, state of the art. I even had a sexy dream about my dentist. haha, who ever says that? I do meet resistance about Mexico, even from my liberal peer group. You will be in good hands and hearts there. I am petitioning the goddesses in your behalf. And donating of course.