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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quick Saturday check-in

From Saturday afternoon Facebook post:

Rough day on the home front. I seem to be making it for a good part of the night with quality sleep, only to wake up around 5a with intestinal symptoms. After food and movement it seems to settle into decent afternoons of feeling energetic and positive. By morning, hurting again. Today has persisted a bit, far less an enjoyable day than yesterday. Talked to the oncology doctor on call, had some blood drawn, and am heading in for a platelet download soon. Amazing how each day can be so different and how things can change from hour to hour. So goes the journey.

Acquired a massage table today, thanks Janelle, that will be a permanent fixture in the house. Looking forward to having visitors soon, there are a number of us willing to receive body work! Amazing how an experience like this takes a toll on everyone involved. Big gratitude to John Adams for realigning the family this morning!

So... as they say, two steps forward, one step back. Help me visualize healthy intestines and good digestion. The chemo and toxins will be out of the body soon. Sunnier days in the forecast, and in the meantime, enjoying my comfortable bed. And, continued appreciation for the love and support from all of you.


Anonymous said...

Big Love for the healing process Z! and Hugs to Annette and John!
Todd R.

Beth said...

Two Leaps Forward, and one tiny baby step back. Keep moving forward with leaps and bounds. So much love for you!