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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Latest Journey

This is the same update I posted on my Facebook page. Wanted to get my blog up and running, there will be more to come...

Life is a crazy trip for sure and I'm overdue for an update with what is going on in my world. A month and a half ago I asked for support after some abnormal blood tests following a doctor visit. There was a lymphoma scare that passed after a CAT scan. However, the abnormal blood results haven't changed and much has been explored since mid Feb as to why...

This past Wed I went to the ER after a bowel obstruction scare due to Chron's disease. While that was being treated I got the new from last week's bone marrow biopsy, and yes, it's a scary word: Leukemia. I was transferred to St. Mary's Hospital and have been hospitalized there since. Naturally, there is a lot going on and lots of overwhelming details, but I am staying very centered in the midst of it all. I have so much phenomenal support and my parents arrived from MT today.

I know this is a heavy dose of information and there are and will be lots of questions and concerns. I am hoping to get an update page rolling soon for those that want more info. I will say that the type is AML and all of the sub-factors to that diagnosis look positive. The biggest complication is my active Chron's disease and compromised immune system. We are looking are various treatment options while moving forward as quickly as possible as this is an acute (rapid moving) situation.

With so many loved ones in my life I am overwhelmed with love, support and desires to help. There will be more details to come and I am asking people to be patient and send healing energy, light and love. Worry and fear are not necessary!

This is probably, by far, the worst and longest update I've ever written on FB. However, staying postive... The prayer flags are up in the room, speakers are tapped into the iPod, healing artwork up on the wall. My absolutely amazing and beautiful girlfriend and I danced in the the hospital room last night and I watched a spectacular sunrise this morning. I am blessed, so blessed, despite all the unbelievable and emotionally challenging events taking place. Thank you all for being the beautiful people you are. LOVE...

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