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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going Home

I woke to day 6 of chemotherapy feeling the toxic effects throughout my body. I could feel achey kidneys, an overworked liver, my heart working overtime, and my digestive system getting grilled from the inside out. It was the worst morning I'd experienced, yet after some food and outside time things settled. It certainly was a dazed kinda day, however, no nausea or vomiting, no mouth sores or any other significant effects from the chemo. This morning I woke to day 7, the final day of this Induction, relieved to feel better than the day before. Yes, my guts still feel a bit torched, but my overall appearance and energy has been amazing. Nurses and doctors continually grill me and explore me for what things are wrong, I can only say that I feel remarkably well and my appetite is great... And, tonight it has hit me to some more significant degree. That is, the AWE of where I am right now in some momentary and subtle glimmer of clarity. I wanted to get my face on this Blog once more here before I'm again walking the streets. I wanted those of you who are following and sending your support to see just how well it has worked. I am humble and in awe... and going home!



That is such great news, my friend. You are a total inspiration of grace and humor and the power of love and focus. So happy for you and for all of us who care about you. See you on the streets, my brother! Stay strong and keep on rockin!

Tamara said...

You are the one who is awe inspiring. So happy you are going home. Much Love. YSM

Beth said...

Good vibes coming at you in all directions. Channeling it towards you so that it may fully encompass all of you, but focusing some extra attention to keeping that gut of yours healthy so that you may eat well, be nourished, and stay strong. Much Love!

Zachariah said...

Beth, you said it. That gut has got to stay healthy. I had a rough night feeling the effects of chemo on my digestion. The Chron's concern is very significant. Feeling a set-back, but getting another pint of blood before going home. I will sleep in my own bed!

Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring!!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing Z! I am so inspired and humbled to know such a courageous and strong warrior. Big big LOVE!
~Abbie Jean